Lab Inauguration 2017

Created: 22 December 2016

Additionally, laboratory testing is important for the research and development of new products, including, for example, the choice of ingredients or components, the design of food processing, shelf-life studies and sensory evaluation of products. This is the kind of information food scientists need when developing new products. Another benefit of laboratory testing is compliance with regulations for both the import and export of food products to different countries. Food regulation is designed to protect public health and the safety of consumers.

Furthermore, it has taken more than 4 years in planning and deciding how to renovate the existing Lab at FDL and where would the lab shift when in progress of makeover. Lab transformation has taken up to 6 months and finally today (16/03/17) marks an important date in FDL calendar whereby the FDL lab is ready to be used again.

On the 14th of March, we had a pray session for the new lab that was constructed to get good blessing before the lab could be in full utilization. Previously the lab didn’t have all the departments compared to now. The following are few departments which are added to the new lab:

  • • Fume Hood
  • • Chemical Lab
  • • Preparation Room
  • • R &s; D Lab
  • • UHT Incubator

With the new departments added to the lab, FDL would like to wish all the FDL Lab staff’s the very best and hope they will enjoy the new environment and are feeling more motivated. On the same note, we would like to thank all the visitors who were present on this day to make it count for FDL. Vinaka Vakalevu.

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